Amaya (venoz) wrote in jamba_inc,

AGM Development

New post because new developments, I think and hope. My Gm has recently given me my development plan to becoming an AGM. Originally, a few months back I quit Jamba Juice but I came back and the one reason I had left my other job was because I wanted to persue the AGM position. I still have a ways to go and there are certainly a small share of things I need to work on, but I'm still very excited. Then comes training and a new home store (my store's sales aren't high enough to support an AGM...).

So, any AGMs chilling around here - any advice on developing as one? Any complaints of being one? (kidding!)

And age wise... what do we all see as a common age in AGMs? Both of the two stores I've worked with haven't had AGMs - as team members and leads what do you expect from your current AGMs?

And lastly, who has suggestions on getting this community more active? (promoting? forcing team members to create livejournal accounts???)
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