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Is the Moon Full?

Re-cap Your lovable Banana Girl

it seems today the crazies were out in full force today.
We had 2 homeless people come in today and start shit.
While I am know buy some of the homeless as a place they can get the day old breads and a glass of oj once and awhile I am buy no means a free meal. So begins our tale............

Me: Banana Girl
Crazy Homeless guy 1
My morning reg the bus driver
My manger

( I have a lobby full of customers but the bus driver os the only one who is wroth telling about)
Me: making smootihes jamming to the music.
CHG1: You are all pedophiles live my boy alone
Me: Why is wrong ?
CHG1: that man (points to my manager) likes to screw little boys ask my son
Me: Sir you need to leave
My manager; sir please leave you are bothering my customers and upsetting my employee please go
CHG1: you fucked my son he will say so even he is right outside ( pointing to the parking meter)
Manger: (takes guy to escort him out when he is jumped)
Bus Driver: DUDE!!!!!! Get off him
CHG1: fuck you are in with him!!!!! ahahahah (screams at top of lungs)
Bus Driver: (Proceeds to grab homeless guy by the arm and hold him down while we get the campus cops.)
CHG1: RAPE! RAPE!RAPE! he is raping me you are all seeing this !
Me: can you please not yell and we will let you go and you leave with out calling the cops
CHG1: You just want to rape me you know it!!
By this time the cops come and take him to the hospital so he can be sedated and put in the Psych ward to balacne him for anther month.
Bus driver: Wow just think I could be your bouncer
Me: We won't pay you enough trust me

2 hours latter some guy come in wanting use to make him a wheatgrass shot. no problem till he wanted the grass that is left over. it is not meant to be eaten the grass WILL make you sick. this guy had a free card that was given to him by me for christmas as so he could get something to eat at sometime. Normally he has good behavior hence the free card I have never seen him like this till today.

Me: Super Banana
My Lead who is awesome

Me; hello what can I get you today?
CHG2 2 oz wheatgrass and a smoothie I have a toothache
ok My lead:(makes drink)
Me: makes wheatgrass shot
CHG2: I want that grass too
Me: no I can't do that it will make you sick if you drink the juice form it but not eat the grass that has been juiced.
CHG2: Yes you can I do ti all the time god made grass for us to eat don't make me call god!!!!!!!
My lead: she can't give it to you we will get in huge trouble if we do I am sorry.
CHG2: That's it I am calling God give me a phone to use I will call him and he will tell you!!!!
ME: If you don't stop no more drinks on me
Chg2: you can't tell god no!
My Lead: you need to go now
Chg2: you don;t need to be such a hard ass I came here because I saw her tits from across the street. (proceeds to leave)
Me& MY Lead:WTFBBQ??????????? breaks out laughing
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